Bagnoli DOC Turchetta

A wine from a native grape variety

Bagnoli DOC Turchetta

A wine from a native grape variety

Red wine from ancient native grapes of Veneto. The Turchetta, as also the Gatta, the Corbina, the Pataresca and several other varieties, has found a new home among the Pigozzo vineyards since about fifteen years, as we took part to a project of recovering the old venetian grape varieties.

After several years in which we dedicated ourselves to experimental microvinifications to evaluate the quality of the grapes and wines from those varieties, we decided to plant a small vineyard of Turchetta grapes, a variety which has certainly demonstrated to be one of the most interesting venetian native grape varieties.

The 2021 vintage is currently available for sale in the cellar (or to be shipped) and in selected wine shops.

How to drink it
Best serving temperature 18°C (64 °F)
Food pairing
You can pair with pork ribs or sausages, cotechino, pork stew, but also with aged cheese.

Winemaker notes

Area of production Due Carrare
Grapes Turchetta 100%
Colour Very intense red colour
Parfume Violet and cherry
Taste Full bodied wine

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