Bagnoli DOCG Friularo

Bagnoli DOCG Friularo

Friularo is a ancient grape famous in Venice Republic for its high quality, and even its high “longevity”, due to its high acidity and tannin content that helps perfect conservation in time. For this reason, it was called “vino da viaggio” (trip wine): it was suitable for the long trips of venetian ships.

The smell is the raspberry and cherry, the taste is rich and deep, balanced by an important acidity.

How to drink it
  • about 18-19° C (64-65° F)
  • big glass
  • a good wine to forget a couple of bottles in the cellar: it will be an extraordinary surprise to drink in ten years!

Food pairing

Red meat, aged cheese (Asiago d'Allevo, Grana Padano DOP, Montasio, formaggio "imbriago")

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Winemaker notes

Area of production Due Carrare, belonging to DOCG area Bagnoli
Grapes Friularo 100%
Alcohol content 14,5°
Harvest, Vinification and Aging The grapes were harvested between november and december, so very late, and the grapes could reach high maturation standards. Long maceration with skins; no aging in oak.

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