Who we are

A story of land and people

A place with many stories to tell

Below the imposing Castello del Catajo, a little road takes you down from the State Road to an aristocratic country house whose buildings and trachite courtyard remind you of the Salvan family’s age-old passion for the land. Here you will find our winery, and our vineyards lie all around.

This is where – since 1914 - the “Pigozzo” wines have been made: generous wines that warm one’s heart and delight one’s spirit.

Stop by and meet the people who make the wine. We will welcome you personally.

With his long experience as an agronomist, he will tell you all about his land and vines, the work involved in the vineyards, the passing of the seasons and local traditions, because it is only after having met people, tasted dishes and learnt history that you can begin to “listen” to a wine, discovering what lies hidden within it and what it wants to communicate to us.

A “fourth-generation” agronomist, she will guide you through the tasting, helping you to discover what each wine has to say, and how to pair it not only with wood, but also with appropriate music.

She looks after hospitality, looking after visitors, accompanying them in our winery and amidst our vines.
Our colleagues

There is a lot of work to do, especially in the vineyards where many operations are carried out entirely by hand, from pruning to the harvest. This is possible thanks to the people who, along with us, tend the vines with care and passion, looking after each individual plant day after day, until the moment the grapes are ready to be picked. They also help us in the winery, where our hard-won fruit is turned into wine. 

We invite you to come and visit our winery and vineyards, and taste our wines.

Would you like to discover how to grow vines? Would you like to discover how a wine is created? Would you like to try your hand at wine tasting?  Are you interested in learning how to match wine with food?

Come to visit us, an unforgettable experience awaits you.