Azienda Agricola Salvan – Vigne del Pigozzo
Via Mincana, 143 - 35020 Due Carrare (PD)

Why not stop by for a while?

If life is just one hectic appointment after another...stop at our winery for a while

Giorgio Salvan will guide you through our vineyards and give you a personal introduction to his vines. Rosanna and Francesca will welcome you to the winery and let you taste wines whose flavors are imbued with the soil and the seasons, the stories of the local people and their food. You will be able to take home with you memories and emotions to savor with your friends

Below the imposing Castello del Catajo, a little road takes you down from the State Road to an aristocratic country house whose buildings and trachite courtyard...
We produce different wines belonging to the DOC area Colli Euganei and to the DOCG area Bagnoli, but also have a collection of native varieties...
Learning about a wine in its place of origin is a fascinating experience.  Upon request, we can accompany you amid the vineyards and in the winery...
Only happy vines produce good grapes from which to make young, lively wines that are capable of maturing and becoming wise...
A truly rare emotion. Oltre il limite is a special wine whose origin comes from a poem that means "beyond the limit... and more". Click continue to read more about this wine
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We invite you to come and visit our winery and vineyards, and taste our wines.

Would you like to discover how to grow vines? Would you like to discover how a wine is created? Would you like to try your hand at wine tasting?  Are you interested in learning how to match wine with food?

Come to visit us, an unforgettable experience awaits you.