Colli Euganei DOC Cabernet Franc

Colli Euganei DOC Cabernet Franc

As is tipical of the Cabernet Franc grapes, this wine has a herbaceous aroma that reminds us of fresh grass and green peppers.

It is quite light-bodied and easy-drinking.

The acidity content is more than Merlot wine’s: this makes it a perfect companion for grilled pork or just some salami, for a cheerful easy moment with friends.

How to drink it
  • 16-18° C  (60-64° F)
  • middle size glass
  • drink it young, not later than 3 years from the harvest

Food pairing

Ideal pairing with salami, sausages or spareribs , because it helps you to “clean” the mouth from the fat sensation, thanks to the acidity content and the herbaceous aroma. It is a perfect companion also for "spuncetti alla veneta": that is the traditional venetian food for "aperitivo": a slice of salami, a boiled egg, an anchovy with an olive, and so on!

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Winemaker notes

Area of production Colli Euganei
Grapes Cabernet Franc (Carménère) 100%
Alcohol content 12,5 °
Vineyard 22 years old
Harvest, Vinification and Aging The grapes are all harvested by hands, the maceration lasts about one weeks, aging is 7-8 months in steel tanks and then in the bottles.

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