Wine and Culture

Museums, ville, castles, gardens and walled cities nearby


If you like both wine and sightseeing, then you are definitely in the right place! The Catajo Castle – built in the XVI century – is just in front of our winery (within walking distance).

The small and unique River Navigation Museum in Battaglia Terme should not be missed either. A stone’s throw from our winery you can visit the walled cities of Monselice (and its Castle), Este (and its archeological museum) and Montagnana, where you can stop and taste its well-known ham (Prosciutto Veneto Berico- Euganeo DOP). On the Euganean Hills, just 10 km away from here, you can reach Arquà Petrarca, one the most beautiful Italian villages of historical interest, where the medieval poet Francesco Petrarca lived and died, or the monumental Garden of Valsanzibio, a remarkable Baroque garden with statues, water works and a labyrinth where you can get lost and maybe find yourself.

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